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Les Horribles Travailleurs

  Enjoying this new cassette/digital album of short recordings from the late 80s by Les Horribles Travailleurs (Netherlands-based artist Max Kuiper ). I will be exploring more from Halifax, N.S. label Buried In Slag And Debris over the coming days/weeks. - W.A.Davison

Anxious Article

An article about my long-running experimental music and performance art project Songs of the New Erotics has appeared in the Polish music magazine Anxious . - W.A.Davison

15 Questions

Currently enjoying some of the fascinating interviews at 15 Questions . Here's one with drummer/percussionist Mark Sanders . I played with Mark once in one of those end-of-the-night-all-of-the-performers-playing-together kind of things that often occur at free improv shows after the main sets have finished. He was playing in the Roland Ramanan Quartet at that time (2003). And here's one with another drummer/percussionist I've played with - Eddie Prevost (and, if you're interested, excerpts from my set with Prevost , Rod Campbell , and Ken Aldcroft are available on my Youtube channel ). I really like the approach they take at 15 Questions . As they explain, "We're not interested in the private lives of artists or their latest releases. Instead, we involve production experts, performers, journalists, scientists and composers to discuss what music means, how it's made, where its limits lie, and why it affects us all so differently and yet remains univer

Études de l'oeuvre de Christian Renou en Brume

  I have a track (as Songs of the New Erotics ) on "Études de l'oeuvre de Christian Renou en Brume," a great new comp from Institute For Alien Research . The album is a tribute of sorts to the music of Brume/Christian Renou . Christian Renou is one of my favourite artists and I've been a fan of his music for several decades. I had a lot of fun putting this track together (which includes a few samples from some of my favourite Brume albums). Enjoy! - W.A.Davison


Nice various artist compilation demonstrating a variety of approaches to electroacoustic music, experimental music, noise, etc. curated by The Boreal Electro Acoustic Music Society (a.k.a. BEAMS ) and released on UK-based netlabel Institute For Alien Research - BEAMS blog - - W.A.Davison


  Here's some recent noise from +DOG+ ( Steve Davis and collaborators): I'm not very familiar with +DOG+ or Steve Davis , TBH. I know the name from "back in the day," so to speak. He's on the famous "RRR 500" various artists lock-groove album, released on RRRecords in 1998, along with 499 other artists/bands (including at least one of my projects). Hmmm, there's an idea...maybe I should profile some of the artists from "RRR 500" on It's All Gone Weird ! It would be a real challenge to track down all 500 artists. I don't think I will attempt it. A lot of them didn't produce much material, some have probably disappeared completely, and a few may not have been actual bands. Still, the release is a real "who's who" of experimental music from the 80s and 90s and is an impressive album. Back to +DOG+ . This album is a bit more straight-up noise than I tend t

Klaus Schulze 1947 - 2022

Prolific German electronic musician, early member of Tangerine Dream, and founder of Ash Ra Temple, Klaus Schulze died on April 26 of this year. Here is an obit from The Guardian: his Wikipedia entry: and his official website:     - W.A.Davison

Inferior Sounds

Here's a video recommended by my friend Adam Gauci. Ryu Hankil (typewriter, snare), H ong Chulki (guitar, turntable), and Choi Joonyong (VCR, etc.) live at Dotolim in Seoul, Korea, 2012. The trio put out an album called "Inferior Sounds" on the Korean Balloon and Needle label. I became aware of Balloon and Needle a few years ago and there's some pretty great stuff there! - W.A.Davison