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RIP Badalamenti

Sad to hear that long-time David Lynch composser Angelo Badalamenti has passed away at the age of 85. - W.A.Davison

Electronoise Orchestra

  Looking forward to playing with friends old and new at SynCirSunday , Dec. 11th at The Tranzac ! Details follow: SynCirSundays presents The Electronoise Orchestra A very special night that will be dedicated to a very special ensemble of electronic/noise composers and improvisors. Two Sets feat. Connor Bennett (Hamilton), William Davison (Toronto), Mira Martin-Gray (Toronto), Mike Hansen (Hamilton), and Joe Strutt (Toronto). PWYC ($10 suggested) Dec. 11, 2022 7:30pm The Tranzac 292 Brunswick Ave., Toronto - W.A.Davison

Stactorm Radioo

Episode 1 of my radio art series "Stactorm Radioo" (originally broadcast/published on Mixcloud in 2017) is available as a free/PWYW digital album on Bandcamp! - W.A.Davison