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Apparently, Chris Cutler has been podcasting for the past 10 years. No one told me. I've got some catching up to do! The podcast is called Probes . It's great! - W.A.Davison


Here's one from the NWW List. Los Angeles Free Music Society member Joe Potts ' 1977 single "Airway" and precursor to the band Airway which Potts formed the following year. Never met Joe Potts but I did meet his brother Rick. I'll post some of Rick's music later. - W.A.Davison


Some beautiful dark ambience from the mysterious entity known as Ypsmael (or alternately Aelypsm, Smaelyp, Psmaely, Elypsma, etc. - I feel like if one were to continue with these anagrammatic rearrangements that the artist's actual name may be revealed...or not). I know virtually nothing about who or what Ypsmael is. Perhaps it's better that way. Lots more to enjoy at - W.A.Davison