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Trial Run

I'm digging into the fantastic "Noise-Arch" collection of 80s and 90s cassette culture and will be posting some of my favorites here...starting with the self-titled first cassette by Kazuhiro Ohtsuka's Trial Run . Excellent experimental electronics and tape cut-ups from the early 80s Japanese noise scene! - W.A.Davison

Eiyn Sof

  " My Sail Is An Ancient Wing ," Melissa Boraski's new EP as Eiyn Sof is simply gorgeous. It REALLY is. Not "weird" or experimental enough for this blog, you say? Pshaw. First of all, I don't care, it's amazing, go check it out. Second of all, I've already spoken of my long-standing love of psychedelia and Melissa's oeuvre is heavy with psychedelic strangeness. So there. Have a listen to "My Sail Is An Ancient Wing" here . Also be sure to check out "Abracadabra" which is her other bona fide masterpiece, IMHO (still working my way through her catalogue so there may be more!). - W.A.Davison

80s Underground Cassette Culture

Two excellent compilations of obscure 80s underground cassette culture artists compiled by Murray CY of Glasgow-based Contort Yourself label. Volume 1 - Volume 2 - - W.A.Davison

A Bundle Of Nerves

Pleased to announce another in my reissue series! This time it is "A Bundle Of Nerves" by Th W rbl r (my solo, cassette manipulation project), originally released as a cassette on Disembraining Songs in 2014. Have a listen on Bandcamp! And do note that tomorrow, Oct. 7th, is Bandcamp Friday! - W.A.Davison