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Stactorm Radioo 8

It's Bandcamp Friday tomorrow and the reissue of "Stactorm Radioo 8" is now available for free or PWYW download! - W.A.Davison


Chrome. Best band ever !!! Best Chrome fan website ever. Plus a few albums on Youtube, for starters: Alien Soundtracks full album - 3rd From The Sun full album - Red Exposure playlist - - W.A.Davison

irr. app. (ext.) + The Recordists

The current irr. app. (ext.) monthly digital single series sees our friend Matt Waldron resurrecting material from the long-defunct Nine Day Antler Society . I wrote about it back in March of this year and you can read that post here . The October edition of the series features a collaboration between irr. app. (ext.) and The Recordists . This is an odd one as The Recordists ( W.A.Davison and S.Higgins ) did not contribute any actual sounds to the recordings. Instead, Matt used some collaboratively written surrealist texts, authored by The Recordists, as the basis for four very funny sound pieces (funny odd AND funny ha ha). Needless to say, the other material in the October edition, and the entire series, is great and well-worth checking out! - W.A.Davison

Stactorm Radioo 7

Stactorm Radioo 7 is available now on Bandcamp! PWYW purchase or free download. - W.A.Davison

Guitar-themed compilation

 I have a track on a recent guitar-themed compilation (all tracks feature prominent use of guitar) called "And Them Be Hippo'sters..." from the Bromtol Largesse label. - W.A.Davison