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RIP Tom Verlaine

Very sad to hear that Tom Verlaine of the band Television has just passed away. Television's "Marquee Moon" occupies a peculiar spot in my listening life. It's not an album that immediately springs to mind as a favorite, and yet I've listened to it hundreds of times over the past four decades or so and it never fails to move and inspire me! So, clearly, it IS a favorite album and one I return to over and over again. And, of course, the guitar playing of both Verlaine and fellow Television member Richard Lloyd has left its mark on me as a musician, as it has on countless others. Mr. Verlaine will be missed! - W.A.Davison

Snatch Tapes

Philip Sanderson (a.k.a. Storm Bugs , Ice Yacht , etc.), who has run the UK-based Snatch Tapes label since the late 70s, is having a sale and it is well worth checking out! On now at the Snatch Tapes Bandcamp, each release is available for £1 GBP, and all 16 digital albums can be had for around £10 GBP! I bought the complete catalogue for just over $20 Canadian and am thoroughly enjoying it! Hurry now, sale ends Jan. 31st! - W.A.Davison

Cadavres Exquis

One of my favorite various artist tapes from the 80s is this one from the mysterious Chimik Communications in Montreal. The beautifully packaged "Cadavres Exquis"   cassette contains 21 tracks by well known underground artists such as Nurse With Wound , The Legendary Pink Dots , P16.D4 , Konstruktivits , and Bene Gesserit , as well as lesser known but interesting experimental/industrial acts. I still own my cassette copy but don't play it anymore. I made a digital copy a few years ago. And speaking of digital copies...unbelievably, the download link on this Nostalgie De La Boue post from 2009 still works!! Grab it now! - W.A.Davison