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Classwar Karaoke 10th Anniversary

Happy to be included on the Various Artists album "What Do We Want? The End. When Do We Want It? Nigh." which was supposed to have been released on the 10th anniversary of Classwar Karaoke in 2018 but was delayed a few years (full story on the Bandcamp page). My track is a collaboration with Odorbaby and {AN} Eel . Have a listen here - - W.A.Davison

Secluded Bronte

Secluded Bronte is Adam Bohman , Jonathan Bohman , and Richard Thomas . Apparently, they've been together as Secluded Bronte for over 20 years but I only found out about the project today because they are going to be playing at Le Non Jazz in Paris this month and I'm on the Le Non Jazz mailing list. Of course, I've known the Bohman Bros for a long time (20 years, in fact) but Secluded Bronte was unknown to me. Anyway, I've been exploring the project today and it's great stuff! Really inspiring! I'm going to include the same list of links here that Le Non Jazz provided:   I grabbed the photo of the band from the Cafe OT

irr. app. (ext.)

Well, it figures that I don't get around to posting anything about my friends until they've done something that I'm involved in. What a creep. Anyway, my involvement aside, the music and art of my good friend Matt Waldron , aka irr. app. (ext.) , is most definitely a suitable inclusion here. He's put out a lot of really great material that you should seek out (all on the good side of "weird")! His status as a member of the touring version of Nurse With Wound , and as a chief collaborator of Steve Stapleton , doesn't hurt either. What I'm writing about today is Matt's current "monthly digital single." Matt has been using the Bandcamp platform over the past few years to put out regularly scheduled, short releases (singles or EPs). Past monthly single series have included "Vesicular Distributor" (2020), "Legends Of Frogtown" (2021), and the hilariously odd "Attention Dear" (2022) where Matt recites the texts

Stactorm Radioo 2

Episode 2 of my radio art series "Stactorm Radioo" (originally broadcast/published on Mixcloud in 2017) is available as a free/PWYW digital album on Bandcamp! - W.A.Davison