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  I will be playing at Audiopollination this Friday with Joe Strutt (Heraclitus Akimbo) and Daria Morgacheva! Friday, November 25, 2022 8:00 PM $10 (cash or card, PWYC or free if you can't) Audiopollination will be live-streamed as well as have a live audience. Audiopollination is devoted to being an (non)identity-affirming space for all people, please come as you are and/or as you desire to be! Set 1 Mira-Martin Gray (electronics, voice)/ Fahmid Nibesh (electronics, guitar, voice)/ Bea Labikova (saxophone+) Set 2 Raphael Roter (Drums)/ Del Stephen/ Piers Oolvai (effected clarinet and bass clarinet) Set 3 Heraclitus Akimbo (electronics)/ William Davison (electronics)/ Daria Morgacheva (piano/electronics) Set 4 Victor O and friends Array Space 155 Walnut Ave. Toronto - W.A.Davison

Fae Ma Bit Tae Ur Bit

  Episode #71 of Dylan Nyoukis 's radio show "Fae Ma Bit Tae Ur Bit" has just gone online. I contributed some sounds along with a stellar cast of contemporary noise and experimental weirdos (Dylan Nyoukis, Karen Constance, Dave Jackson, Michael Kemp, Fordell Research Unit, Gage Draiss, Yaki Da, Die Coelacanth, Carl Krueger, Molar Crime, Robert Scott-Buccleuch, Kris Abplanalp, Modern Medicine, Aaron Dilloway, Gen Ken Montgomery, F Ampism, {AN} Eel, Al Strachan, Jonathan Lee, Mikey Turner and family, Final Seed, Anna Peaker, Jim Brimson, Posset, Finkbeiner, Josh Peterson, Duncan Harrison, Isa Blood and Charlie Nothing, The Bohman Brothers, A Large Sheet of Muscle, Bill Nace, LDSN, Lala Lu, Luke Vollar, Crank Sturgeon, Dan Michiu, Don Mackerel, Rory Salter, Stephen Shiell, Maureen Hollowmass, Theo Angell, Lumpen Nobleman, and Rick Potts). The whole series is fantastic, so check out as many as you can get your ears on!


For once, Google Alerts actually did something useful! I have Google Alerts set to notify me if any of my sound/art projects are mentioned anywhere. Most of the time it's just garbage (do you have any idea how many times the phrase "six heads" appears in news stories and the like? A LOT, that's how many). A few days ago, however, I was notified that "Songs of the New Erotics" was included on a playlist from CHMA , Sackville, New Brunswick. So I investigated. Sure enough, Penelope Anderson played one of my tracks on "Punk Rock Radio Hour" . I listened to the show and thoroughly enjoyed the selection of punk and post-punk, old and new. And then, in the last 20 minutes of the show, it all went weird (ha ha) with a number of experimental and noise tracks. This brings me to the purpose of this post. In addition to a track by my project Songs of the New Erotics, Penelope played a couple of tracks by something called Headspace - apparently, the soundt

White Hand

Further explorations of the Noise-Arch collection . I quite like this tape by White Hand called "Prologue/Epilogue" . No date is listed but it's definitely early/mid 80s. I was not familiar with White Hand but, after some internet research, it seems this was an early alias of Anthony Michael King , a.k.a. AMK . I remember AMK from the 90s industrial/home-taper scene, although he wasn't someone I listened to a lot at the time. Anyway, this is quite good - two side-long noisey collages of (I'm guessing) field recordings, sounds from movies, loops, etc. - W.A.Davison

Time Slips reissue

It's Bandcamp Friday tomorrow and I have another in my series of reissued albums available for listening or purchase! This time it's Th  W rbl r "Time Slips" from 2013! - W.A.Davison