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Here Is Elsewhere

The Recordists (S.Higgins and W.A.Davison) will be presenting a short, experimental sound and text performance as part of the "Here Is Elsewhere" Surrealism event at Free Times Cafe this weekend! The evening will also include readings by Beatriz Hausner , Ray Ellenwood and Adam Seelig , and from Montreal, Peter DubĂ© ! This promises to be a very special evening! We hope to see you there!   Here Is Elsewhere - Surrealism Free Times Cafe 320 College St. June 4, 2023, 7:30pm   - W.A.Davison

Drone Day

I will be performing as Th  W rbl r (solo tape noise) in this upcoming Drone Day event: International Drone Day Sat., May 27, 8pm at The Tranzac 292 Brunswick Ave. $10 Featuring Body Of Waste Fleshtone Aura Skyservant Th  W rbl r Toanche Dwelling - W.A.Davison


Was listening to this album today. I forgot how strange, unique, and astoundingly good this project was! Glad to see someone has reissued this neglected gem! - W.A.Davison

Stactorm Radioo 4

I am continuing to reissue episodes from my 2017 radio art series "Stactorm Radioo" and this month it's Episode 4 from April 2017. Here's the link: - W.A.Davison

Nick Neuburg

I occasionally read the Bandcamp Daily "Best Of..." columns (Best Experimental Music, Best Ambient Music, etc.) and sometimes check out some of the albums that pique my curiosity. Obviously, these lists are not the "best" of anything. If it were the actual "best" experimental music on Bandcamp they would have written about me! No, it's a reviewer's opinion, and it's filtered through Bandcamp's system for submitting promo material. My understanding is that you have to send them a promo version of your album (uploaded to Bandcamp but not made public) far in advance of the actual release date (8 weeks recommended) before they will consider reviewing it. Why? Anyway, the Bandcamp Daily articles ARE a way to discover interesting artists and albums. Which brings me today's post. I like free improvisation (no surprise there) and really enjoy drums and percussion in a free improv context. Some of my favorite improvisers are drummers. So, I nat